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Re: Exhumed / PowerSlave DeHacker Updated

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:39 pm
by -=CHE@TER=-
Corvin wrote:Hey, have you find any others willing to test?
No. Even that other guy who says he will test it still didn't. He says he's too busy now, so it can't be helped.

Corvin wrote:I have not touched the Saved Game editor nor the Modding Implementations.
Well, I add saved game editor since I help someone to reverse saved game format, but since that person in the end lost interest I decide to add this feature to the DeHacker so my work at least won't lost.
As for modding features - it's mostly for people who wants to mod the game. But since no one of them contacts me... well, no complains afterwards.

Corvin wrote:I can re-report that I had no issues so far that apply to your patcher, other than I followed your directions to now revert the old hacks back to use some of the new ones.
I've thinkig about it and add small fix - old strafe hack will be reverted back before apply of any other hacks. It's easy since it's not overlapped with any other hacks. And since people still didn't read even hints at the bottom of the DeHacker I decide, as I said in my lastest e-mails, to replace strafe patch with patch which actually fixing Strafe_Left and Strafe_Right buttons. Those who already using DeHacker will read hints and those who didn't at least get their strafe buttons to work properly.

Corvin wrote:I ultimately used a new game install of PS. (I Have not texted the Exhumed install, yet).
Thank you for thoroughly testing!

Corvin wrote:Its such a nice piece of work. I'm sure its a labor of love. Congratulations on all the work you've done.
Thanks! I hope I release it at least before the New Year.

Re: Exhumed / PowerSlave DeHacker Updated

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:42 am
by Corvin
How you making out with any reported problems with the last version (1.5) you made?
I have not run into any problems myself. ;)

Re: Exhumed / PowerSlave DeHacker Updated

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:36 pm
by -=CHE@TER=-
Corvin wrote:How you making out with any reported problems with the last version (1.5) you made?
I have not run into any problems myself. ;)
I'm glad you don't have any problems.

Meantime I've got reports for two bugs.

1) First one (already confirmed) related to the game code. The problem is that the game didn't save your progress unless you finish last opened level. I didn't know about that before it was reported to me yesterday. Here is the code taken from the game:

Code: Select all

if (
  // you're not in playback mode from /playback commandline key
  (!bInDemo) &&
  // here we are - next level must be larger than last opened
  (levelnew > nBestLevel) &&
  // not training level
  (levelnew > 0) &&
  // not network levels
  (levelnew <= 20) &&
  // level not loaded from commandline /## key
  (SavePosition > -1)
) { GameSave(SavePosition); }

For example imagine you're just finished level 10.
Now your last opened level (nBestLevel) - 11.
And your progress was just saved - it's ok.
But if you're replaying any already finished level again (for example to obtain more ammo or take weapons which you may miss on your first playthrough) you MUST finish level 11 too or your new progress will be lost.

2) Second bug still unconfirmed because I can't reproduce it no matter how hard I try. Only one person encounter it and now I wait to confirmation is it related to that bug above or not, because it's the same thing (progress won't saved). But I've googled and found this message (use Google Translate if you don't familiar with Russian).

Now I have solid proof that this was NOT my bug in any way possible, because:
14 Dec 2013 - a message date from the link above about savegame bug
15 Aug 2014 - I've compiled first DeHacker v1.0 executable
12 Jan 2015 - I've released DeHacker v1.0 to the public
And no one knows about DeHacker except me before I released it.

To be fair DeHacker MAY unintentionally trigger this bug a bit more often (or may not - since we still don't know conditions and this all speculation for now).

I have very little details on this issue. All I know by now that Exhumed version (EX.EXE) was running under DOSBox v0.74 (I'm already ask for DOSBox.conf configuration file but didn't have it yet) and only 4 hacks was used from the latest DeHacker:
- Revert Run logic
- Always Mouseview
- Tweak strafe buttons // new to DeHacker v1.5
- Allow F12 to take screenshots

Only "Tweak strafe buttons" was new to v1.5 - and I already reviewed it's code and nothing was found that may affect savegame files. It's only an input control function and I didn't touch any code with relocations here.

So if someone encounter this bug and found a solid way to reproduce it or somehow increase a probability for it to happen - please contact me via e-mail or leave a message here if for some reason I didn't answer to you in a week (unfortunately sometimes e-mails falls to the spam box). Because no matter how hard I try in past few days I can't catch this bug even once.


Re: Exhumed / PowerSlave DeHacker Updated

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:41 am
by Corvin
The save bug that has a limited explanation, seems to be the one I remember there being a long time ago.
There was a glitch it didn't save the checkpoint. But this was before your Dehacker was made.

It was too long ago to remember any details.

Hope you figure it out.