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The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:57 am
by Corvin
What about the deadly kiss tc for Shadow Warrior that Hendricks said he has one more person to contact before to see if they have any data?

I'd have to recheck my notes, but It's been a few years I think since he announced that they where rebuilding it into a playable format.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 3:44 pm
by Robman
I spoke to Hendricks and he said they don't need to contact that person anymore, so it's just up to the guys who are working on it to finish it up.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 4:13 pm
by Corvin
From what I remember all they had where some miscellaneous art and all the maps, even if some where WIP. They didn't have any media content, apparently the in game videos or whatever where lost.

They can at least just post what they have as a set of maps w/the art as a download file archive like 3DR released Wanton Destruction. We don't need any fancy newbie stuff, like an installer or steam mucking up the set, when all you have to do is dump the art and maps into the SW directory. That steam doesn't do anything for the normal people that have the game from off the shelf either.

If I knew what I know now; they should have posted the assets as soon as they got them in the condition they where in when they received them, and let the community modified the maps/art, and fix them up. All this waiting is BS, how long has it been anyway, more than 5 years? Maybe where waiting because they want to tweak the maps and supersede the credit for the work. I hope they have the actual original names of the mappers and artist included with the archive when they finally do release it.

But then again who knows what they are up to.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:53 am
by Corvin
Wow, I was just talking about getting the assets out to the community and now they are available for download.
At least it's not in the clutches of those guys anymore, there known to not share anything with the community.

It's downloadable now in several locations! (Check your games community forums for links) Including RTCM, check my news posting on the main page for a link.
The download is about 30 megs 7zipped (and 75 megs zipped.).

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:47 pm
by LeoTCK
They were up to no good and silently banned me. They kept clouding and scheming all the time, I pushed them to make that public thread on duke four. I saw the message from Wilcox, he didn't say it exactly like Hendricks said and that was really more than 7 years ago now I believe. It's amazing.

That deadolon guy who was supposed to work on maps and didn't yet kept saying something about plan this plan that. He acted like a complete robot. I had some sympathy for Hendricks, but now I see him as deluded autist.

Of course out of process of elimination I must have been the guy who leaked everything to corvin. Fact is, Corvin and me didn't have contact until now, he had no clue who I was.

I initially assumed the first map was worked on but I was wrong because I missed that the Deadly Kiss archive had modified $ which was the dk1 map...

Moreoever, I recovered with Delacroix help the original archives from Crista forest and it was Robman's forums where I first announced this before getting to know that Hendricks had this and they forbid me to share it and make it non public. I complied because I thought that they would release it soon or at 2013 at latest. All those promises went nowhere. All that was done was mundane sprite work and some modified lo wang voice which sounded like on hellium and was terrible.

Crista herself left in disgust after seeing how "pully" the team was and assuming. She did speak directly to Delacroix even though my first attempts went at Crista. I also helped the team of the DK restoration by hunting for contacts and asking friends in the industry for some...

So in the end they got more names of people who worked on it even.

I was also in practice the only person on the team who thoroughly betatested it, posted screenshots and more on both duke4 and 3drealms and also did cooperative playtesting. I don't think they ever did anything with that knowledge, because the images have way expired by now and they didn't work on the maps at all since.

I explained a great deal of things on duke4 and in the end let my BF take over and post, especially when they started throwing posts to retardation station.

At least Hendricks stayed honest for most of the time, but he clearly doesn't think clearly in that team of his. Not sure if it's all even his fault given everything.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:55 pm
by LeoTCK
The first time I realized something wasn't right was when how greedy they got about the upcoming steam rerelease and that they will make it tied to the steam only. I disliked that idea, especially given the promises made early on, but that was before the Devolver time but IMO it should be released just as the other two were, and get rid of the steam monopoly. Hendricks only became greedy when the steam only stuff became, having been programmer on megaton etc.

Because I saw the released of SW betas, I went to duke4 again and inquired about DK. Hendricks went berserk about Robman and told me to not harangue him in public and that Robman doesn't need the validation. I did see a point in making the thread however and I told him if he wants to get rid of people like Robman, he should honestly make a thred on the forums about it. Only then he complied.

I also tried to get Hendricks to get me the Duke Nukem betas as well, because he's got them and all. I never got the material not even with shadow warrior or wahtever and gave up on it, because of NDA claims and who knows what and he refused to let me speak to persons who could make it legal for me even. But we all know that Hendricks never spoke the full truth because he so much wants to hold on to what he has so he was "clouding" again...

They also have more content like source codes/design docs for many of the released betas and some unreleased ones as well. Before the word about the leak got out we almost got them to compile one of the beta exes to try with the late 1995 prototype that cannot be run yet. Given what happened and their attitude I'm not sure if they'll do it now.

Additionaly they claimed that because of whoever leaked it or because of people like me, the developers won't trust anyone from the community again...well they won't trust THEM as I pointed out.

They try to deflect blame so hard onto random people who really care about the game. I also pointed out that I had my stuff also leaked, for example I planned a clean release of Unreal PSX raw content but someone else put it out by himself. It wasn't the end of the world and most of the time I had my developeemnt public as long as I could afford it. It was the complete opposite of what the DK restoration team tried.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:07 am
by LeoTCK
Sorry for third post in a row. I wanted to talk about about what their plan is and what I think the game should be like instead. Not sure if the final boss was supposed to look like Zilla but since its original story it can get away with it more than if lo wang was the character and he could escape again, but given that the story was published and mentioned other character than zilla - a story they don't want to keep - check the duke4 thread for links from Hawke via wayback machine. I can assume different look was planned.

I don't agree with the assesment that the mamano enemy should be removed or completely reworked - there are two diff versions already one original one and one from the crista files and some wip stuff. They want to rework this enemy completely and only keep the ninjas as far as I know.

They also want to bring in silencer uzis from the betas and what not, putting up even more-to-do on their list and they'd like to ignore the which to me seems like is a second secret map. Currently there's even secret lacking to the first secret map and the first secret map can only be finished with god mode on due to explosions during the escape sequence immediately blasting you in face when you pull the lever. It can be ended, but it cannot be finished without cheats and there are bugs obviously.

I think for the real community version as much should be preserved from the original art and work as possible, including the red polish hands.

The telamon map doesn't seem to be from twin dragon or so which was hendricks' theory and he had someone else from the team to go and verify it (why? is he too lazy to do that himself?)...

Crista only had WIP stuff from TD in of her own work and not of the others...

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:55 am
by LeoTCK
I've just been hacked on my primary "site", password changed and everything and who knows what else. I was just about to change a couple of things upon request. You realize I can only link Hendricks and co to this event and that this act is utterly beyond decent.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:10 am
by LeoTCK
I cannot be sure when the hack started, it might be a bad coincidence but there's tons of data someone could have just grabbed and leaked too.

All of the site has been compromised including general uploading accounts and sending email says those accounts don't exist anymore.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:21 am
by Corvin
So your the person they used to get the other DK game data for them...(can your clarify?)
(Your first introductory post, it's a little cryptic or lacking but the others are better written.)