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Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:35 am
by LeoTCK
Corvin wrote:So your the person they used to get the other DK game data for them...(can your clarify?)
(Your first introductory post, it's a little cryptic or lacking but the others are better written.)

Yes, technically one of the two persons. Delacroix managed to convince the level designer in the end, not me. I didn't get the responses from her in the end so it went rather one sided from then on, but I was crucial in finding the connections.

Either way we two had it at first, then I went to shadow warrior central, you can still find my old post in there. Meanwhile I got in contact with Hendricks and co. and I had to take extra steps because it was agreed the files would be hidden since it looked like the team was on its way to release stuff very soon.

It turned out to take about 6 more years until today, and they still didn't do a single map change, no matter how detailed and professional my testying turne out to be. I was invited to a private 3drealms section where I continued my testing.

They credit anyone who was on the "team" with testing but I did most of the work noting it all down and showing screenshots. It just went to waste and now the screenshots don't work anymore.

I even had a co-op session with a trusted source, nobody of them did that yet afaik. It seems like something waiting on the shelf for so long and collecting dust.

I started agreeing with Robman and all because of this. Honestly even with my broken finger I end up doing more work on my own project than they collectively did for 6 or 7 years.

EDIT: Also, she never responded back to the team after they invited her in. They didn't seem trustworthy enough for her to bother with them or seemed too annoying or something. She came to take a look and that was it.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:05 am
by Corvin
I know this is old news. But still interesting how some people behave. Its a shocker to me anytime that 'circle' causes problems.

Anyway more information on the Deadly Kiss assets and playthrough maps can be found at: ... ets-leaked


in Robman's Forum at SWC.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:07 am
by Robman
Thanks for the links Corv :D
And a big thanks for having the balls to host the files!

The SW betas and Deadly Kiss belong in the hands of the fans, some may not know or appreciate what had to go on for them to be made public but sites like RTCM need to be around to keep some of the "others" honest.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:17 pm
by Corvin
I'm just pointing to where the good information is provided, ;) it helps out everyone in the long run. :)

I hear you on the rest.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 4:15 pm
by LeoTCK
I have some news regarding this. I did manage to contact a few people about the Deadly Kiss addon still. I had most succes with Ken Post, I am revealing it here because I don't want to go to my grave having this information. Ken had Deadly Kiss but in a storage states away and couldn't get it(then the lockdowns and all) and was struck with some personal disasters since.

He told me that he made sound files for the pack too and that Roger Tweedle's work is there too on the cutscenes. He told me Joe Wilcox must have swapped the files at the time by accident, there wasn't such strict control after all and I guess Wilcox was still unexperienced back then. Even though Wilcox didn't have it in his "master copy" that he shared with Hendricks and co. it was existing.

Thus all their claims of non existance were false and further prove my position. They have me "Banned Traitor" on the site and spreading those lies about me. I don't get how they can be popular when they betrayed the community and talk nonsense. As I said before there was nothing that Joe Wilcox said that would prevent the files being shared and when we contacted Crista that was kind of the point too, to get it out there no matter how incomplete. But then Hendricks went in. I was technically in violation of unrealtexture's policy when he forced me to hide the files. Which also brings me to interesting thing, robman had those files way before too even from when I hosted them briefly on before they were hidden. He had already downloaded them back then I believe and what Crista had was mostly identical to wilcox's files except the arts files were different and contained a little less graphics and some level differences but she had a lot more work in progress content there which is interesting historically.

So how dare they treat me like trash when I was the main driving force back then?

I did all the co-op testing and not them and was precise with locations and screenshots. They didn't care. They never cared.

It was trivial to do those map changes, I could have done it even, I was about to try and learn build but they didn't find it necessary for me to do it.

I have done tons of doom map editing and unreal, so such changes would be trivial thing to do.

They never cared trying to contact more people further either. I believe I now hold the score of speaking to more people of the original team than they ever did, even though they are in the position of PRETENDING they have the rights to everything and only they can do the releases. Thieves that's what they are.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 7:59 am
by Corvin
I'm not brushing off your post or anything, but I always wondered, are there Credits(a list) for Deadly Kiss pre-havoc?
All I have is Simply Silly / Silly Soft. (Same single person I think; Joe Wilcox. Who did other things for BUILD Games besides this DK TC).
But of course there where others back in 1998 or when ever. :)

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 7:52 am
by LeoTCK
Yes there was a list, but it wasn't 100 percent complete, Ken Post wasn't listed because what Hendricks and co. got didn't include his stuff. It must have been done pretty late in the projects' run as he did sounds for Twin Dragon as well I believe.
He lists me as LeoTCK/Traitor now. I wonder why Delacroix never got suspected of anything though, it was him who told me to unhide the files on Unrealtexture, even though due to account details change that I assumed was done by hendricks hacking the site (I didn't really confirm that, however this claim has about the same basis as me being the traitor on his basis) but I couldn't do it even if I wanted as unrealtexture was unacessible in practice with the logins.
And as I said I did all the coop testing that they didn't bother doing so I think I deserve more credit than I got.
And given Delacroix's past leak record and him leaking stuff all the time behind someone's back, I find it surprising that it didn't occur to him the possibility. I am not saying this is the case but he clearly tried to have his hand in this whole thing and if I had indeed unhid the files as he asked me then I would have been the traitor for sure, even if its post-events stuff. So hendricks story would have held much more. Of course now it is completely irrelevant and the files have been shared around (which they should have been in the first place and is a reason why Crista got it on it, so really who's the traitor again?)
I wanted to explain this further now that I realize I forgot. That lists fails to list Crista for some additional art/textures that she did as well, in the end it doesn't list every member contributing exactly what, something that at least in LI they did correctly.
It also lists a lot of level designers but I doubt all of them worked on it in the end.
More later..

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 5:07 am
by Corvin
eh, That link goes to the thug hosting site. I can't always get there.
Thanks anyhow.

Re: The Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss Add-on?

Posted: Sat May 29, 2021 3:52 am
by LeoTCK
This is the list:
Deadly Kiss
Project Lead, Original Concept

Joseph Wilcox

Game Art

Andre Lowe

Level Design

Jason O'Connell / lvlmaster
Matt Harris / MattCake
Ryan Isenberg / Tagg94
Jim Semkiw / Ironman
Scott Haslam / Dagger
Crista Forest / CDWarrior
Krystian Palys / Blade
Cho-Yan Wong / Tempest
Doug Murphy / NukeDukem

3D Modeling

Roger Tweedie / Pistonhead

Deadly Kiss Restoration
Project Lead, Research & Development

Evan Ramos / Hendricks266

Game Art

James Manning
Michael Gallagher / Mike12

Level Editing, Research

Jarmo Kylmäaho / Daedolon

Research & Communications

Devon Lewis / Nacho
Daniel Hawke
LeoTCK / Traitor
Victor Delacroix

Special Thanks

Bryan Turner
Joe Siegler
Sam Schultz / Lunick

Additionally now Joe Wilcox posted on the site as pointed by Robman, basically saying legally speaking it was ok to share the files in 2007.

Still, yes terminx, jimmy and even hendricks showed abusive behavior but I do not agree with what happened on either side unfortunately and I don't really believe that the ends justify the means. I am sick of being a pawn in someone's game no matter the intentions and thus I am quitting. Goodbye.