Beta Enemies

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Beta Enemies

Postby LeoTCK » Tue Apr 20, 2021 4:40 pm

Beta enemies are still working in Shadow Warrior release version.

They only lack the sprites which can be easily added back as I demonstrated somewhere.
SWBoss2(see attachment):

Use with regular SW.EXE
This was something I sent to a friend a while ago. The Boss2 enemy still works in regular shadow warrior except it lacks frames but it can be used with different graphic and you'd get a custom enemy that way. He is underpowered in the released SW though so really with some custom graphic it could work. There is also the skeleton priest enemy which is fully working though I'll send it to you. The only thing though is that his projectiles have part of the railgun graphic unfortunately and probably replacing that would cause funny stuff to happen.

Again this has great potential for custom map making/mods. Tile005 is the skeleton priest, the old $PLAB1 map has them placed at the end of the map. You might need to ghost through the door though or walk around to get to them.

Additional notes: Maybe for a mod which replaces the railgun with new sprites it could work to add back the original orbs, as in some kind of magic weapon that would work like railgun or just not have the railgun used at the pack at all.

My suggestion for the swboss is if its not possible to have him animate, to replace graphic with some technological pillar or something that spawns magma, multiple of them can be used as new enemies.
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