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Eduke32 add-ons

Postby Corvin » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:21 am

I recently changed my policy for the eduke32 add-ons download section:

Well someones been doing my work for me, someone named unbeholding, he has been uploading over the long years the files on rtcm and re posting them else were.
So I have taken advantage of this ,as the mod db has these eduke32 add-ons and dos tc fixed add-ons as well.
I currently no longer have to bother my host and his server with these particular files, anymore, and for now.

Even though this unbeholding has done a poor job of organizing and posting the add-ons, like in the wrong locations on those sites and not spending a through enough time with the files, however I will link them for now.

I will still do my job of gather files and prepping them and what not for rtcm consumption and my own archives.
If you still need your file posted at rtcm, let me know and I'll link the download file on this server.

I'll avoid recent released eduke32 add-ons, as those other sites have counter stats and rtcm doesn't bother with stats. (we only had stats for a few years along ago around Winxp era, but I never needed them so there useless to me).

Anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience for eduke32 add-ons and what not files service.
The policy is effective a few months ago, until future notice.


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