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Re: Official EGwhaven thread.

Postby ETTiNGRiNDER » Wed May 24, 2017 1:30 pm

pagb666 wrote:I am currently replaying WH2 using this port and I found a weird issue (that also happens in the original game binaries). This is running under dosbox.

The game's framerate seems "capped", BUT if i open the map it runs smooth as silk. Also empty slots in the potions UI flickers when I open the map. Even when setting the viewport to full screen, the game will run at ~20-25fps until I open the map. Weird. Any ideas? A bug? Something on my end?

Please try the next-to-last EGwhaven version for WH2 and see if that works better. The capped framerate was introduced in the latest one as an attempt to address some other difficult problems in the game, but I'm not convinced it's the correct solution. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find much motivation to work on the EGwhaven stuff lately.

Corvin wrote:But I do remember flicker with the potions on the hud. Not sure if it was fixed in EGWH or not, you'll have to take alook at EG's web site for his comprehensive bug list.

Potions flickered on the HUD in WH2 if you were in SVGA mode and died. That one should be fixed in EGwhaven, it was a matter of passing an additional flag to the sprite drawing routine there as I recall.

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